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Under a Permanent Visa, a person can live, work, study, and start a company anywhere in the nation. A PR Card or Green Card issued by the country is a plastic card bearing the person's biographical data, photograph, fingerprint, and expiration date. It permits the bearer to stay and work in the given nation indefinitely. A person can quickly get a permanent visa through sponsorship by an existing family member already a resident, under the refugee or asylum status, or by individual filing.

According to immigration law and regulations, a Permanent Resident has the majority of the same rights as a citizen of the country unless you do anything that would make you deportable under immigration law. A permanent citizen can have employment in the country at any lawful post of their choice and qualification and even cast a ballot in municipal elections where citizenship is unnecessary.

How Can You Apply

The application process for a permanent visa also referred to as permanent residency or immigrant visa, can be intricate and varies depending on the country in question.

1. Evaluate Eligibility

Eligibility criteria may encompass family sponsorship, employment-based pathways, refugee or humanitarian considerations, or investment opportunities within the host country's economy.

2. Choose the Visa Category

There are a range of permanent visa categories, including family-sponsored, employment-based, or investment-driven options. Select the category that best aligns with your qualifications and individual circumstances.

3. Gather Essential Documents

  1. Assemble all the necessary documents, including identification materials, birth and marriage certificates, and evidence of financial stability, medical examination records, and police clearance certificates.

4. Complete Visa Application Form

Fill out the visa application form, adhering to the specific instructions provided by the respective immigration authorities, and pay the visa application. Ensure that you retain a copy of the payment receipt for your records.

5. Submit Your Application

Present your meticulously completed visa application and all accompanying documentation to the relevant immigration authorities or the designated visa processing center.

How Can We Help

It is of utmost importance to diligently consult the official website of the embassy or consulate representing the host country. Thoroughly review the country-specific requirements and guidelines for permanent visa applications and connect with a visa service provider to enjoy.
  • Our visa services possess in-depth knowledge of the permanent visa classifications and help choose the most suitable visa category that aligns with your qualifications and unique circumstances.
  • We can help you compile all requisite paperwork, including identification documents, birth and marriage certificates, financial records, medical examinations, and police clearance certificates.
  • Our services can lend a hand in meticulously completing visa application forms, minimizing the risk of common errors that could result in delays or rejections.
  • Our Visa services can provide valuable advice regarding fulfilling financial prerequisites for the permanent visa, including income thresholds or investment criteria.
  • Our visa services remain abreast of alterations in immigration laws and policies. We ensure that your application impeccably adheres to the latest regulations and stipulations.

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