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Travel visas enable holders to enter a foreign country only for tourism and leisure activities and remain there for a set period. You can often travel as a tourist, attend short-term business meetings, or visit family and friends while a temporary visitor in a nation. You are also permitted to go for medical treatment with a guest visa.

The visa categories may also vary depending on the number of permitted entries. Visitor visas come in single, double, and multiple-entry varieties. However, the bearer of these visas needs to follow a set of guidelines when traveling abroad on a tourist visa. A tourist visa does not permit permanent residence. Thus, the person cannot work or conduct business in the visiting country under this visa. Furthermore, the person cannot attend a school or university.

How Can You Apply

Each nation governs its tourist visa policy independently, and their respective embassies and consulates can assist you.

1. Finding an embassy or consulate

Locate the nearest embassy or consulate of your destination country that is authorized to issue visas. Once done, you must schedule an appointment to submit your visa application.

2. Gathering necessary documents

If your documents are only available in your native language, you must translate them according to the consulate's guidelines. Additionally, they receive apostille stamps on civil documents like birth and marriage certificates.

3. Making visa payments

The fee amount varies depending on your destination. Some embassies may require payment before your visa interview, while others might request payment on the interview day.

4. Attending the visa interview

During the interview, you will be asked about the purpose of your trip, your travel plans, and your intended duration of stay in the country. Ensuring that you do not intend to overstay your visa is crucial.

How Can We Help

Utilizing visa services can offer significant advantages when it comes to obtaining a tourist visa.
  • We are well-versed in the visa application processes of different countries to furnish you with precise and up-to-date information about the specific prerequisites of your intended destination.
  • Our visa services include scrutinizing your application and supporting documents to ensure they are compliant with the standards set by the embassy or consulate.
  • We closely monitor your visa application forms, helping you evade common errors that could result in delays or denials. Additionally, we advise on the most suitable visa category based on your travel purpose.
  • If your documents are not in the official language of the destination country, our experts can aid in translation or offer guidance on obtaining proper translations.

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